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Celebration of World Future Day - 1 mars 2019

At Future Day 1 of March, we started a discussion - "Our brain is the new frontier and here is where the human evolution will take place! When we combine areas like brain-computer-interface, AI and neuroscience, will we then open Pandora's box or create endless possibilities for what we can become!" I gave some drivers - why is this happening now, what is in the far future and what is cooking right now in different companies that you should have an eye on.”

Drivers including: 1. Rising cost for healthcare and getting older 2. Consumer behaviours in the new generation (Millenials and similar) We want to be/do more than just working. We want to explore aóur borders 3. Technology in itself. We can and the last year's findings regarding neuroscience

We looked at the future - What are Kurzweil and Musk doing. - Kurzweil vision of implementing nanobots and make us become gods. - Musk trying to save humankind and make us not to be run over by AI.

Mention a couple of companies that are doing cool stuff in the now

1. Tripp has built the world’s best break. The TRIPP platform increases employee mental wellness through short, impactful, immersive experiences that change every day to drive engagement and retention with measurable results. 2. Brainco is making wearable devices that will help teachers monitor the level of focus their students have in the classroom and better find and help those students with learning difficulties. 3. Kernel is capturing memories from the hippocampus, reading them with AI and “recording” them with up to 80% accuracy. 4. Neurable is using VR/AR game system gives people the ability to control toys and games with their thoughts. The mission of the Institute of Noetic Sciences is to reveal the interconnected nature of reality through scientific exploration and personal discovery, creating a more compassionate, thriving, and sustainable world.

What have they all in common - Brain-Computer Interface In short - Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) involve extracting information from the brain using computational methods and then applying stimulation back into the brain.

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