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Future of Society - Global & Conntected Citizens 14/11 - 2019

A future look at smart cities, Internet of Things and the connected citizen. How will we navigate in a landscape where we are always connected to each other and to everything!? What will be the pros and what will be the cons of Smart City and its technology?

During this evening, we will dig into how our future of Society will look like and how this will affect its citizen. Always connected, always up to date and monitored.

We will try to answer questions like, how have we solved the challenge with an ageing population, our environment and the uneven distribution of technology in our connected world?

Agenda for the evening! 18:20 Welcome and introductions

18:30 Stockholm Futurist – Future of Society Jane from Stockholm Futurist will give an overview of the future of Society including areas like Smart Cities, Governance and global challenges that will affect us all.

What trends do we see and what does all the new technology mean for democracy and inclusion! Is the connected and global citizen for everyone?

19:00 Guest of the evening - Vasilis Mavroudis - Future of Work Vasilis is the founder of Guerilla Office, an office community for portable professionals. He has been on the founder side and on the investor side in the startup conversations and for over six years working as a Crisis Manager. His motto is ”Adapt and Conquer” and he’s a huge fan of creativity in every form.

From his experience, he will fuel the conversation about the future of work, workplace and office. How have things evolved thanks to the internet and digitalization and what is important for this new digital workforce?

19:30 Open discussion about the future of the digital nomads and the future of society

Food and Beverage sponsor of the evening - Castra is a challenger in the IT consulting industry. We are transparent, inclusive and competent consultants who appreciate freedom and opportunity to jointly build a company that we really want to work for. We are 150 specialists in agile, development and IT infrastructure.

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