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Future of Humanity - Are we becoming Gods - 21/5 2019

This meetup is for those who like to explore very different possible futures. We aim to invite people from different fields to try to make sense of trends, shifts in society and the deeper stories that lie beneath.

Agenda: 18:00 Doors open 18:20 Welcome to Stockholm Futurist – short introduction 18:25 Future of Humanity, are we becoming Gods? Jane Skullman, Stockholm Futurists. - "Our brain is the new frontier and here is where the human evolution will take place! When we combine areas like brain-computer-interface, AI and neuroscience, will we then open Pandora's box or create endless possibilities for what we can become!"

18:45 Insights from Christian von Essen, journalist and owner of the podcast Heja Framtiden.

Christian von Essen is a freelance journalist and copywriter. Since 2017, he has been producing the interview podcast Heja Framtiden (“Go Future”), where he will soon have met with over 100 futurists, scientists, philosophers and industry experts in order to understand what’s beyond the horizon. Follow the project at

19:10 Break with light food and drink 19:40 Discussions and knowledge sharing - All 20:10 The end


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